5 Mistakes You Must Avoid To Improve Your NEET Score In 2024!

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Getting into your dream college is never easy, and it gets even more challenging when you aim to become a doctor. It requires you to work hard with complete dedication. But, even after putting in all your efforts, you might fail to get desired results, shattering your aspirations. To prevent yourself from such a situation, there are some mistakes that you must avoid to enhance your exam score and increase your chances of getting a seat in your desired medical college. 

In an examination as competitive as NEET, every mark has its significance. Even the slightest mistake can result in losing marks and prevent you from securing a seat in a prestigious medical college. Hence, while preparing for the examination, you must know some common mistakes you must avoid to increase your chances of achieving a high score. 

In this post by our best coaching institute in Dehradun, we have listed ten of the most common significant mistakes to avoid if you wish to get a good NEET score. By continuing reading, you will delve into each mistake and uncover how it can impact your score. It will also help you by providing an actionable strategy to avoid these blunders. 

Mistakes to avoid for NEET

Numerous students appear for NEET every year. However, only a few get the chance to get into their dream medical college. But what makes them different from other candidates? One of the factors is that they avoid some common mistakes. If you wish to do so, below are some common ones you need to avoid. 

Underestimating the significance of NCERT
One of the first and most common mistakes made by NEET aspirants is that they need to pay more attention to NCERT books. These books are essential for forming the foundation of concepts and offer simplicity and clarity of topics. NCERT books are directly related to the examination that comprehensively covers NEET’s syllabus. Also, at times, questions in NEET are directly based on NCERT. Hence, it is a must for every candidate to be thorough with NCERT books. So, before studying any topic from your syllabus, you must begin with the same topic from your NCERT books to get better comprehension and retention. 

Another detrimental mistake that leads to low NEET scores is procrastination. Candidates have limited time to prepare for NEET, and they have to cover the extensive syllabus efficiently during this period. Usually, you delay your study sessions, thinking you have plenty of time to study. But, believe us, you don’t. Procrastination can help you with nothing and will only leave you with inadequate preparation and stress of approaching exams. Our best coaching for IIT JEE and NEET team suggests you avoid procrastination by adhering to a realistic study plan that will break your syllabus into smaller sections and make it more manageable. 

Not choosing suitable study material
Utilizing inappropriate study material is also a common mistake made by NEET aspirants. Such material can lead to more clarity in covering the syllabus and a better understanding of the concepts. You must understand that only some books you find in the market are reliable and updated. The outdated books can result in misinformation, create learning gaps and eventually leave you with a low NEET score. To avoid this, you must consult your mentors before relying on any study material, as they are experienced and will suggest which books are the best for you to prepare for NEET.

Absence of consistent practice
Inconsistent practice is next on the list of mistakes to avoid to score better in NEET. Understanding the concepts once is of no help if you are not regularly revising them and studying for a specific time daily. Inconsistent practice hinders familiarity with exam patterns and the development of essential skills. Not being consistent with your practice will result in creating gaps in knowledge. So, be compatible with your preparation and adhere to building discipline with your study routine. In addition to understanding and revising the concepts, you must regularly solve past year question papers and take mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Falling into the comparison trap
Another mistake we discuss here is falling into the comparison trap. Comparison trap can be detrimental to your preparation and mental health, leading to anxiety, self-doubt and a negative mindset. We understand that comparing your results with your peers’ comes naturally. But, it would be best if you stopped it as it might result in demotivation, and you might not be able to focus on personal goals. You must avoid falling into the comparison trap to score better in NEET. For this, focus inward and develop a growth mindset. You must understand that each aspirant’s journey is unique. Hence, each one progresses at their own pace. To get desired results, focus on your growth and set goals based on your strengths and weaknesses and not by comparing your marks with the achievements of others. 


To score well in NEET, you must understand and be aware of some of the common mistakes listed above in the post that might hinder your progress. You should avoid the five critical mistakes listed in this post by our team to maximize your chances of getting into a medical college. We hope reading above might have helped you understand how these mistakes can negatively impact your NEET score and how implementing the suggested strategies help you avoid them. So, remember to implement these strategies and avoid these mistakes to get a NEET score that takes you closer to your dream of becoming a doctor. 

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