Teaching Methodology

At Baluni classes, we provide education with an objective to empower students for success, to find creative solutions & plan effective action strategies. The curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps our students in touch with the ever-changing world of Medical/Engineering Entrance, right from the beginning to the examination level. We constantly revamp, re- invent & evaluate our teaching strategy to create the most appropriate education that students deserve.

Strategies, Structure and Accountability

Create a strategic plan and set it in motion…..
We formulate a plan to accomplish those goals/dreams and then we embark on the plan

Establish Regular Coaching sessions to stay on track
The structure inherent in regular coaching sessions contribute to produce consistency, which is the key to creating success. The regularity also allows us to quickly spot, isolate & correct problem areas for a student’s success process.

Tools, Skills & Education
Learn to achieve your goals rapidly, identify & dismantle unconscious interference patterns, expand your concept of what is possible for you – yes, you can have more -triumph & winning spirit. Change PROBLEM CORE BELIEFS that interfere with your Goal Achievement.

Follow-up & Performance Management
Together we’ll back your goals and your actions towards those highly desired goals. This is the most powerful step in our coaching system. Tracking allows us to see if you are taking the action you delineated to accomplish your goals.

Support & Championing
The coaching process provides recognition and acknowledgment for the changes you make and assists you in getting more recognition and acknowledgment from yourself to reinforce and anchor those changes. This accelerates both the change and the success process.

Uniqueness of Our Teaching Methodology

Systematic Theory
Medical & Engineering Entrance Exams require a very systematic preparation. It tests your fundamentals of the subject and your ability to think logically and analytically. It examines your basic concepts, logical aspects and your ability to apply fundamentals to multi-conceptual problems. The teaching methodology at Baluni Classes offers our students a very systematically designed curriculum with a stepwise theory teaching and testing the learned concepts.

Doubt Removal Sessions
It is quite necessary that all the students advance in the syllabus with full confidence and all their doubts are addressed properly and well in time. The teaching method at the Academy has the necessary ingredient of regular doubt removal sessions for the problems in the study material, practice sheets & tests.

Regular Assignments
Hard work is indispensable for Pre-Medical & Engineering. If you are intelligent, it is good, but intelligence alone is not going to get you in Medical & Engineering college. The teaching methodology of Baluni Classes is designed to put you on a well-planned path. This automatically makes you realize your maximum potential in a very motivating manner.

Regular Testing
In pre Medical/Engineering, it becomes very important that you have a proper examination temperament and different approach to the subject than most of the other exams. The regular tests designed by the senior faculty of Baluni Classes train you to build the temperament and the art of facing pre- Medical/Engineering. To solve the typical Medical/Engineering Entrance problems you have to think in many dimensions as the formation of Pre-Medical/Engineering paper is pretty complex. Similarly the study material of Baluni Classes exposes you to such multi-conceptual problems and the practice problems given by the faculty strengthens your understanding and applications of concepts & fundamentals.


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