World Class Infrastructure: Top 10 Medical Coaching Institute
We strongly believe in the fact that the environment, a student studies in, is equally important for effective earning. We ensure our students study in an enabling environment to keep them stress free, with air cooled classrooms.

Best Facilities institute for Medical PreparationHostels:
Quality hostels are also provided for boys, with care taken to ensure comfortable although not luxurious facilities. Hostels are operated on no-profit basis. There is a separate hostel for girl students. Baluni Classes provides separate hostels for boys and girls. The accommodation is made up of study bedrooms, which offers space to sleep, study and relax. You can be assured of institute’s commitment to provide quality residential environment for students to enjoy. Hostel prepare students for proper discipline, conduct and comradeship. The students are expected to extend their fullest co-operation by adhering to the rules framed by the institution from time to time.

Rules and Regulation :

  1. Students would be fully responsible for any loss / damage to any fixture / furniture etc provided in the hostel.
  2. Students are not allowed to use electric heaters or any other electrical appliance in their room or anywhere else without proper authorization from the concerned authority.
  3. Students are not allowed to keep heavy cash, expensive jewellery or any other valuable items in their room. The responsibility would fall and squarely on the students for safety of their belongings.
  4. Students are not allowed to keep arms, ammunition or any other objectionable material with their rooms.
  5. All light and fans must be switched off before leaving the room, falling which fine would be imposed for each item found to be on, when the room is locked.
  6. Students are required to intimate any change of address to the authority immediately.
  7. Any misbehavior of any hostel staff should be immediately reported to the notice of the warden.
  8. Use of alcohol or any other narcotic substance is strictly prohibited and any student found under the influence of such substances would be immediately expelled from the institution and the hostel.
  9. Students should try not to distract or disturb the fellow students. A serious view would be taken if your peers complain.
  10. Students must obey the time limits prescribed for various activities.
  11. No females shall be allowed to enter boy’s hostel room except guest room. Similar rulers apply for girls too.
  12. Any other matter not generally covered under these rules shall be decided by the warden/head of the institution and shall be final and binding.
  13. Hostel security will be forfeited If a student is expelled from the hostel or institute on disciplinary grounds.

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