About Baluni Classes

Baluni Classes was started in 1999 by the vision and thoughts of Dr. Navin Baluni a doctor in S.N. Medical College, Agra. Instead of merely a coaching institute, it is a place to provide beautiful academic environs for MEDICAL and ENGINEERING aspirants and a forum of talented faculties. In this very short span it has proved itself as a gigantic hub in this field. Its genesis lies in setting standard of excellence and perfection in the quest for a place in MEDICAL and ENGINEERING. It is the values of Dr. Baluni who never likes to compromise with quality and standards. He always found himself in the queue of laborious and honest people who work hard to achieve their goals. This make institute something special and is the “first choice of the genius”. The institute is known not only for its teaching methodology and study material but also for its well defined system, pattern and infrastructure, making it the leader in the coaching world.

Ever since it was established, Baluni Classes growing with unparallel momentum and posing incredible impressions in the mind of PMT and IT aspirants. The milestone history of success is getting stouter day by day. Over the last 11 years, the students have expressed constant faith in this institute. The asset of students’ faith inspire it for doing more and more better in future too. The style and methodologies of Baluni Classes have generated confidence among students and parents and as a result it is considered as the best institute in the field of MEDICAL and ENGINEERING preparation. The uniqueness of the institute is their full time dedicated faculties who are permanent employees of the institute so they have distinct approach in comparison with visiting/part time faculties. Round the clock availability of faculty members according to suitability of the student is really a nice way to clear all the doubts of students.

Importantly, Baluni Classes have a large pool of faculties maintaining optimum student-teacher ratio. As a result faculty members have adequate time in strengthening their knowledge, teaching ability, accuracy and effectiveness. Over a period of time, we have developed a corporatised system to make healthy interaction among the faculty members and students, which makes enjoyable academic scenario in the institute premises making it the best place for honest, talented and laborious faculty members. At Baluni Classes we know the importance of constant supply of faculty members, so we also run a training program to keep them grooming and up-to-date. Today it stands for a healthy set of corporate values and is regarded as a formidable education brand. The institute runs an IQ-testing programme to ascertain which level of input is required to each student for his success. It makes us know in advance about the level of students and helps us to make class-room programme more effective. We pioneered specific programme in guiding the students for their destinations. We also provide them information regarding other stream after +2 education. So we are the true patronage of their career as well as their mind set. Fame of our class-room program is increasing exponentially with vast number of students taking interest in our program. This provides special thrust and a zeal to set up more centres for giving training to MEDICAL and ENGINEERING aspirants. We launched one centre at Dehradun in 2006, one in Haridwar in 2007 and one in Kotdwar in 2009. In the year 2012 Baluni Classes has launched its 2 centres at Haldwani and Vikasnagar. Further, we are planning to set-up more class-room centers in different cities so that student can get advantage of guidance and pursuit of Baluni Classes.

We are committed to fulfill our standard of excellence in PMT and IIT entrance exams.


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