For IIT How many hours to study?

how many hours to study for iit

Being able to get success in one of the most challenging and competitive exams in the country like IIT JEE can be a tough row to hoe. Acing the exam is not a task of a few days or few months and although one cannot specify what set of time can help you crack the exam or how much effort would be required for a student to get  in IITs.

Students who are dedicated to their studies and constantly review concepts and their related problems will almost always succeed in their first try. Studying does not have hard and fast rules, there are instances where students get into the IITs with just 2-3 hour study cycles and few do not even get in with 10-11 hour of hard work. What stays behind and highlights till the end is whenever you are sitting down to study, you are extremely focused towards your subject.

How much time to devote?

However, the question that was asked earlier does not have a clear response. Students should set out at least 6 hours every week to prepare for the IIT exam.

As the exam date approaches—for instance, six months before the JEE Mains—the suggested study time can also be increased to eight hours. Reviewing and answering the JEE Mains and Advanced exam papers from the previous year can be given extra focus.

Start with practising your retention

IIT – JEE exam is one tough nut to crack and it is important to allow your mind and body to get used to the tons of information you are taking in and retain it all quickly. 

After months of practice, your mind will soon begin effortlessly remembering everything as you sleep or perform other light activities.

Tips for JEE Preparation

  • Set up your system such that it runs during the test’s afternoon session so that your most productive hours are from 2 to 5 PM. 
  • Avoid wearing any uncomfortable clothes during the day of your exam
  • Make sure you have been to the restroom before entering your examination hall.
  • Before writing an answer, make sure you have been through the question multiple times to avoid any mistakes.
  • Set a timer before you begin writing your responses to prevent becoming sidetracked.
  • The JEE 2019 toppers acknowledge that one can miss several marks over not reading the question carefully.
  • Utilising online resources, you can download sample OMR worksheets and use them regularly. A student’s inaccurate bubbling can occur when they are in a panic.
  • Do not make insignificant errors like, not thinking through your options, bubbling wrong circles or skipping questions and moving on, etc.
  • Focus on your preparation than the result
  • Avoid considering multiple books 
  • You need not be anxious even if you have not taken any coaching for your JEE exam.
  • Practice on test questions from the previous year.
  • Social media can be a major barrier, avoid using it in between your preparation.
  • Make sure you take regular breaks to retain what you have studied.
  • Have confidence in yourself and your study methods and try not to get worried before the exam.
  • Avoid making common mistakes 

Revision is the key

You can easily master one subject in the four hours if you are sufficiently focused. Again, this is one strategy among many. According to your comfort level and a distinct topic each, you can divide the stretch into two to three themes. The secret to successful JEE daily preparation is to go through what you have learned in the coaching session once again that day. JEE is all about concepts, and after reviewing the material you previously covered in coaching, you may discover that some of those concepts are still unclear to you even if you may have thought you understood them then. Thus, you should spend an hour per day reviewing the material you learned in coaching and seek online assistance if you need help answering immediate questions.

You can do it!

So, have you heard that the IIT JEE is challenging to pass among the students? that breaking it needs a lot of dedication and amazing insight? When everything is taken into account, nothing could be further from the truth and off-base. With the correct approach and preparation, anyone can succeed on the IIT JEE.


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