Why Baluni has the best virtual teaching arrangement

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With the rise of Covid-19 in our county and elsewhere, all educational institutes were forced to shut down their classes. It nearly hampered all the intensive preparation the students were involved in the past year. But life can never be at a standstill forever. Under safe measures, everything was eventually restored to the former self. Even in these harrowing situations, what did not change was the pursuit of the students hoping to fulfill their dreams and the teachers who helped them in the same.

This all happened due to a very smart approach Baluni has been following way before this pandemic: online coaching.

While there are not many cons of the traditional classrooms, the fact remains that they are subject to uncertain changes, even if not counting this pandemic, which can include bad weather conditions, transport problems for students residing in rural areas, and also the hassle of a large classroom, which always leaves room for unresolved queries and incomplete clarifications. Here comes all the help in the form of a time-saving, innovative method of teaching, online coaching, in which Baluni has excelled since it went forward with this approach.

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In order to impart technical knowledge to others, the faculty at Baluni always strives to be updated in the technology themselves. This is an era of Zoom calls, live classes, and whatnot. There are a lot of technical aspects involved, so our teachers are formally trained to resolve any queries related to connectivity issues like unclear video/audio, glitches while streaming, etc.

There is also an issue of inevitable situations, like power cuts, some personal work forcing a student to be absent from a session, internet speed, and so on. Baluni understands this and always offers flexibility in class timings, whether these are live classes or doubt sessions. Anyone missing out on a class due to the aforementioned reasons is allocated another slot where he can catch up as well as keep up with the ongoing syllabus.

The virtual interface used in Baluni live classes uses a very basic but also the most interactive user interface so that everyone has ease interacting. Direct links for classes are sent to the students with timings and the class commences once every available student has entered the virtual classroom. This, in itself, creates a great learning atmosphere to which both the guardians and the students can look forward.

The instructions provided by the teachers during the classes are quite clear and offer every student the opportunity to raise queries in allotted time slots. They are socially inclined as students are frequently encouraged to check out other demo classes and information regarding a subject on a social media platform and other forums. This generated is infatuated by technology, so why not make the best use of it.


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