The elite 10 Medical Coaching options: why Baluni has made it to the list?

Top 10 Medical Coaching Institutes

There are a total of 542 medical colleges in India for that nearly thousands of applications every year just to get enlisted in the college of their dreams. Among these, a few institutes come under PMT/IITs that always take into consideration the scores of medical entrance exams, particularly NEET, which is the only eligible pre-medical exam conducted at the undergraduate level in India. From this multitude of coaching institutes aiming to train students to qualify for medical exams, let us look at the reasons why Baluni made it to the list of Top 10 Medical Coaching Institutes. These reasons require brief consideration by the reader.

There are a variety of courses per subject, especially when facing the immense challenge of clearing out medical exams. There are students who wish to start their preparation from pre-Boards years (IXth or XIth). So, for them, Baluni launched its 2- and 4-year integrated courses where there are no significant differences between the school syllabus and coaching curriculum. To help integrate the discipline aspect, classes are kept at the same intervals so that students are unbiased and focused on both. We cover the syllabus as per the books in NCERT/CBSE.

Also, to make sure that no important topic is skipped when a new one is introduced, there are doubt discussions every second day, no matter the nature and duration of the course you have selected. Even in repeatedly resolving every doubt, the faculty makes sure that no student lags behind on any aspect at any point in the course.

Students are tracked regularly on the basis of their performance in various internal assessments conducted by the Baluni faculty from time to time. Based on the same, there are counseling sessions by visiting faculties as well as the experienced teachers from that particular branch itself. Career choices are implemented after the XIIth standard, but they are formulated way before that. Teachers here do the same by hosting interactive sessions where all students are welcome. This is one interesting methodology to learn smart, which is equally important.

Bright students also participate in Science Olympiads at national as well as international levels, which cover every basic short answer spanned out of core science subjects that comprise Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, and Zoology. And we are more than happy to state the obvious fact that Baluni encourages science enthusiasts to get involved and learn in more competitions of a similar nature.

The cost of giving this country majority of medical professionals from Baluni is just sheer determination and never say never spirit. Baluni also never has undermined the significance of great schooling, which it compensates by its flexibility in managing time for school as well as study during coaching classes. As much as it is heartening to say every time, Baluni has successfully convinced all parents of medical aspirants in a coaching facility that matches the standard of school infrastructure and brilliant teaching faculty.


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