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Crash courses have redeemed the fact that NEET preparation can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, compared to year-long planning and coaching. A crash course is most helpful when the time is limited and you want to utilize the same in polishing your acquired knowledge, freshen up your mind about new concepts, and learn to cope with tricky questions and formulas that are ever prevalent in all core science subjects. So after coming with flying colors in other areas of expertise, Baluni lives up to the hype for providing the Best Online Crash Course for NEET.

Beyond other state-of-the-art incentives like scholarship programs, classroom programs, foundation as well as fresher courses that are typically year(s) long depending on your choice on the mode of study, Baluni has also launched its Crash Coursesfor interested students in Engineering as well as Medical streams. It is basically a 2-month-long revision program where every single topic, also its sub-topics, are reviewed so that the faculty is sure of all students being on the same level of informational and academic knowledge.

Joining a crash course cannot also be beneficial for students preparing for a year or two for JEE, NEET, and other exams but also for those who are confident that their preparation is up to mark and are ready to compete on the first try itself. A recap of all that was studied is quite interesting as there can be several untouched points that were possibly omitted in view of the huge syllabus left to cover. In the most friendly way possible, Baluni has assigned responsible faculty for imparting useful knowledge through this short course.

Beneficiaries of this course, over the last few years, have mostly been NEET aspirants, upon who this approach is primarily focused.

Well, this does not sum up all the advantages of a crash course. Let us take a sneak peek.

The syllabus of science subjects in classes X and XII makes up a big database of information that comes to good use when in good hands. But it can be even more advantageous if it is utilized through newer approaches like solving analytical and logical questions in a short span of time. Hard work is also best complimented by smart work: absorbing maximum benefits in a limited time frame.

It is also useful because the basic structure of a crash course replicates that of medical exams where there are 200 questions divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (number of questions always subject to change) with the time limit of 3 hours. If students spend too much time solving a single problem, it can negatively impact the final marking, so crash courses infuse the best time management technique to solve maximum questions in a relatively short time span.

So if your basic concepts in all subjects are up to date, then Baluni strongly advises the interested aspirants to apply for this crash course, especially if you are going for NEET.


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